Today was an awesome day! For the first time all semester, Suzanne and I decided to leave campus a little earlier than usual and stop at Starbucks on the way to school. I’m honestly impressed we’ve lasted this long because we were regular customers at the Starbucks off exit 16 this summer. This little treat was the perfect pick me up and gave us more time to catch up than the usual 15 minute drive to Doherty and back.

Sunrise at Doherty
Early Morning Starbucks Run

After collaborating and catching up with my teachers during first period, I went straight into teaching periods two, three, and four. It was a B day today, which meant second period was long. Lucky for my PreCalc Honors students, I came armed with some tricky trig word problems for them to do independently with the support of a partner.

Today was a big day in Geometry because we finally transitioned from triangles to a new shape, parallelograms. For a while there it felt like the only shape of importance was a triangle, so I’m excited to change course and think about things other than triangles!

After school, Kat (another TEP student at Burncoat Middle) and I went and got our nails done. We have been on the same exact track throughout our four years at Holy Cross because we’re both math majors and in the TEP, so this is our first semester of not being together 5 days a week. It’s definitely been an adjustment!

Once I got back to campus, I had a little break filled with making copies and getting ready for tomorrow before I headed to Nativity for evening study. My time at Nativity each week is one of my favorite parts of the week. I love getting to see my students from this summer and seeing them continuing to grow into Nativity men. Of course, they’re still middle schoolers, so I also love hearing updates on the basketball team and just catching up with the boys.

Nativity Evening Study

I am so excited and humbled to be working at Nativity for the next two years after graduation!

Tuesday into Wednesday

I forgot to blog yesterday, so here is a two for one combo of my Tuesday and Wednesday this week!

Yesterday was a great and busy day! Over the weekend, Holy Cross sent out acceptance decisions and some Doherty Highlanders found out that they will be Holy Cross Crusaders next year! 

After the school day ended, I rushed back to campus to interview people for SPUD leadership positions for next year. We have 43 sites we work with in Worcester and a majority of our leadership comes from the senior class which means we have a lot of spots to fill! I was able to knock out five interviews yesterday back to back, so I was definitely a little frazzled by the end but am excited to see what the SPUD of 2019-2020 will look like!

SPUD Office

After some time lesson planning in Dinand, I headed to Pub Night with some friends. Since I woke up at 5:50, I was starting to crash by 10:30 but was glad I got to see friends outside of Dinand.

Pub Night

Today was another busy day. One of my teachers was absent, so I covered her classes which helped me get a few more hours towards my 100 required hours of direct instruction for the semester. I think the students were hoping for a substitute, so they wouldn’t have to do too much work. Instead, they had a regular day of testing and group work with me.

Test Time

After school, Suzanne and I decided to stop at Dunkin’ on our way back to campus for some coffee before practicum. We took a different route from the normal 290 and saw some of the students I work with at Boys and Girls Club who go to Woodland Academy and a dog basking in the sunlight in the front seat with some sunglasses.

First Day of Spring
Spring Ready

During Practicum, we talked about our weeks and had dinner with some junior TEP students. The dinner with TEP seniors and juniors is a great tradition because it gives us time to give advice and some clarity to the experience. I’m excited to hear about their experiences next year!

A Full Monday at Doherty

Today was the start of our first full week of student teaching! We have managed to have a snow day or delay every single week since the start of the semester, so we’ll see how this goes. 

Daylight Savings Time has definitely made the whole waking up thing a little bit harder, but it makes it easier to stay up later. When I left my room this morning at 6:30, it was still dark outside. 

View from Williams Before the Sunrise

Once I trekked to the parking garage in Williams and drove to Doherty, I could finally see the beginning of sunlight from the student lot. 

Doherty Student (& Student Teacher) Parking Lot

But before the sun could rise, I was inside, in my classroom, getting ready to teach my classes with my two awesome teachers, Mrs. Razzaq and Mrs. O’Leary. We all have a common planning period first period, so we are able to collaborate and catch up. 

Mrs. Razzaq’s Classroom

Today was an extra busy day because my program supervisor came to observe me, and we had an all faculty meeting. I definitely tried my best to stay organized throughout my three periods of teaching but definitely lost it as the day progressed. 

Ready for PreCalculus
Attempting to be Organized

Once the clock struck 3:30, I left Doherty and headed straight to Boys and Girls Club, one of the SPUD sites I volunteer at. I got to hang out with some elementary school students and attempted to convince them to do their homework. One of my lucky Geometry students gets to see me during the school day AND at Boys and Girls Club every Monday. 

Leaving Doherty After a FULL Day

Since getting back to campus, I’ve been printing and lesson planning in Dinand, eating dinner in Lower Kimball (still need to spend my dining dollars), and getting milkshakes with friends from Cool Beans. 

Dinner in Lower Kimball
Milkshake Time

Sunday: Prepping for the Week!

Hi everyone! It’s Kate! I’m student teaching High School Math at Doherty Memorial High School. I’ll be taking over the blog again this week. You may recognize me from the great pictures Suzanne shared of me last week!

Today, I spent most of my day at Holy Cross, in Dinand prepping for the week. I had a lot of lesson planning and printing (lots of it) to do and some work for my job as a SPUD intern and homework for our practicum class. Thankfully, I wasn’t the only one who had left all of my work to do for Sunday, so I was surrounded by lots of friends while doing work.

Suzanne, Allie, and Jenny in Dinand

After a nice five hours of work, my friend, Sam, and I headed to Trader Joe’s to do our weekly food shopping. It was. a quick trip, so she could get back to study for a midterm and I could get ready for tomorrow.

Grocery Store Run

Once I got back to campus, I meal prepped for the week by making breakfast for the week, lunch organized for tomorrow, and even managed to get my coffee in my coffee machine, so I all I have to do tomorrow morning is press the on button. I haven’t quite adjusted to waking up at 5:30, so I get as much done as possible the night before. That way, I can get ready in 30 minutes and get an extra 30 minutes of sleep in.

Breakfast Meal Prep
Lunch & Coffee Are All Set

After prepping for tomorrow, I got dinner with one of my friends in Crossroads.  I have a plethora of dining dollars and am trying my best to spend them all by the end of the semester.

Dinner in Crossroads

Once I got back to my room, I continued to prep for the week by doing laundry and doing the homework I assigned my students for the weekend. Sundays definitely are a catch up day now that I am working full-time. The week days are definitely more exciting and eventful!

Laundry Time


Hello everyone,

I can’t believe it’s already Thursday.  Today I made sure that I documented most parts of my day so that you guys could have some visuals for my daily routine. Today, unfortunately, my fellow Doherty TEPer decided that she needed to take her own car to school so that she could stay after. It’s always sad when Kate and I don’t drive together because it’s nice to have someone to complain about how early it is with. Here is me doing my best to put a brave face on without my good friend Kate. (Appearance vs. Reality is a big theme we will be discussing in Hamlet with my seniors next week!!!)

By some stroke of luck, however, Kate happened to pull into the Doherty student parking lot just SECONDS after me. Amazing. 

Here is a picture of our cute little cars parked next to each other among all of the students’s cars. Today Kate came prepared with baked goods because she is a math nerd and it is Pi day.

If you look at this picture you can see her smiling face at 6 am as she attempts to bribe her students into liking her with chips ahoy cookies and pie. Not gonna work Kate!!! Just kidding its a great idea and I definitely think I should try it soon. Nothing like some sugar motivators to get the kiddos excited to learn!

Here are some pictures that I took on my hallway duty today so you can get a sense for what the hallways of Doherty look like. There is a lot of really great paintings on the wall that brighten up the school and send really positive messages to kids.

As for my lessons today- they both went well. If you checked in with my blog yesterday and were anxiously awaiting to hear how the ice-breaker with my period one freshmen went… it was awesome. The students who are typically so quiet and reserved had a blast and got a chance to move around the room and chat with other students. Even though this meant that we got to less content material for the day, when we did get back to Of Mice and Men, the participation and energy was soooo much better. I am psyched and am going to keep in mind that this class needs more activity- after all , who isn’t tired first thing in the morning???

We also had a bit of fun with my seniors. I stole the twitter idea from MB at practicum last night and incorporated it into the end of our A Thousand Splendid Suns unit. Here are some of the tweets that students wrote. 

TGIF TOMORROW!!!! Have a great weekend everyone thank you for coming read my blog!! Signing off 🙂




Hump Day

Woohoo its Wednesday!! Officially through the hump of the week. Today was a good day. It started off early at 5:55. This morning I decided to switch up my typical soothing John Mayer sound track to a more exciting pop station to really get me ready to start my day off with a bang. This morning I forgot to grab a Lara bar as I ran out the door which proved to be an obstacle as my stomach growled all morning while I taught my classes. Would not recommend!!

I gave period one their first reading quiz on “Of Mice and Men.” Most of them did pretty well! Since most of them are pretty quiet tomorrow I am going to do a human scavenger hunt activity with them to get them up and moving and talking to each other. Stay tuned to find out how it goes.

Period three finished up discussion about the burqa ban- most of them were very strongly opinionated that the government has no right to tell us what we can and cannot wear. Its great to see them thinking so critically and forming strong opinions!

Today after school I rushed back to Holy Cross to meet with one of my favorite English professors, Professor Reardon. Professor Reardon thoughtfully reached out to me to check in about how my student teaching experience is going so far. It was so great to chat with someone who wanted to hear all about this crazy, new, and exciting time in my life! She also gave me a few really good book suggestions to help me come up with activities for my english. Here is a picture of one of the books I can’t wait to read.

After my meeting with Professor Reardon, I headed to pre-practicum. Today was a big day for me because it was my turn for Mursion, an interactive simulation for different teaching scenarios. Kat and I were tasked with having a parent teacher conference with the parent of a third grader named Lily Walker. We had to report some of Lily’s test scores and how she was doing socially to her mother. It was less nerve wracking than I thought and overall a very cool experience! So cool what technology can do!

After pre-prac I headed to Chipotle with my friends. I forgot to take a picture but my burrito was nothing to write home about. In fact, I was fairly disappointed with the overall experience. I usually go for a bowl, but on a whim, I went for the regular burrito. BIG MISTAKE. Immediate regret. I asked for a littttle bit of sour cream and BAM the woman put on an entire ladle full. Same for the guac. There was no going back after that. Even though my burrito itself wasn’t that great, it was so nice to go out with my friends. It’s easy to feel out of the loop being busy all day, so it’s very important to me that I make time at night to check in with my friends. Since I forgot to take a picture of my burrito, this cup will have to do! I had two refills of diet coke 🙂

Once back in Dinand, I worked on making an A Thousand Splendid Suns version of Taboo for my seniors to play tomorrow. They are big on Taboo so I am hoping that the game is a hit. Some of the cards are harder than others, we’ll see how they do. 

Here are my friends Hannah and Kate in Dinand working hard.

At home, I’m going to unwind with some Netflix before bed. I have decided that it’s important to get my mind off of the subject matter before sleeping to decompress before the next day, so I always make sure to watch a quick episode of A Million Little Things, my new favorite show.

P.S I am very sorry that these pictures are so large, I cant figure out how to change the size and not make them super blurry! Need a technology tutor if anyone is interested!!

See you back here tomorrow!!

Totally Awesome Tuesday

This post is coming a little late this Tuesday evening as I clock in at 11:59!! How will I ever wake up tomorrow morning for school?? These days the mornings are a bit darker since the clocks changed for spring forward. Personally I am all for it because it is so worth it to have an extra hour of sunlight in the afternoon! Hopefully it starts to warm up now too and it will officially be spring!

Today has been a long one,  and I will take you through it start to finish. It all began at 5:50 this morning when the 4th of my alarms went off. I set a few alarms to trick myself into thinking I can sleep in after each one. The first isat 5:00, then 5:15, then 5:30, and the last is 5:50. By that time I cant wait to get out of bed because I’m just so sick of my alarm going off, so it works out nicely 🙂 Here is a picture of Kate and I as we pulled into the Doherty student parking lot. If you look closely you can see the sun rising in the background

I teach my first period class of freshmen at 7:20. We are reading “Of Mice and Men,” and just finished chapter 3. Curley just tried to pick a fight with Lennie and Lennie accidentally broke every bone in Curley’s hand. The students got a kick out of it. Tomorrow we will be taking a quiz on chapter 3, I’m not sure how it’s going to go but thumbs up for good luck to the freshmen (and me).

My third period class of senior students is just wrapping up Khaled Hosseini’s “A Thousand Splendid Suns.” This will be the first book I will have ever taught from start to finish so I think it will hold a special place in my heart.

Today during class we ended up on the subject of prom in the context of the different expectations for men and women in terms of beauty standards. Safe to say the kids are excited! They were shocked and appalled when I asked if they had a Facebook group where the girls post their dresses to claim them and make sure no one copies them as they did in my high school. They seem to have a better grip on reality than we did waaaay back then (a few years ago).

After school I went to the library and met up with some of my friends. It was great to see them and be able to do some of my lesson planning at the same time. It was also free popcorn Tuesday an in Hogan so I got some popcorn for  

After the library I headed home for a quick dinner of a peanut butter english muffin. I was supposed to give up bread for lent but I have not been sticking to it so if anyone has any good suggestions let a girl know!!

After my nutritious dinner I headed over to Nativity where I tutor my favorite 6th grader, Travis.

I then headed back to the library to finish up an ELL essay and prep for my Mursion experience during Pre-prac tomorrow. I am having a parent teacher-conference with an Avatar, nervous! Stay tuned for more tomorrow!

Suzanne’s Sunday :)

Hello and welcome to my first blog post!!

After a long week of being the only students on campus, the weekend came at the perfect time. This weekend was perfect for catching up on some much needed sleep. I spent most of it watching the new show on ABC “A Million Little Things.” If you are looking for a new highly emotional tv show to watch, I would recommend!!

This morning before heading to Dinand, Kate and I decided to make a trip to a local donut shop called Rocco’s. This is not an ordinary donut shop and requires a pretty serious commitment to donuts.

The flavors we decided on were nutella, fruity pebbles, and a cinnamon roll.  Personally, my favorite was the cinnamon roll only because the nutella was a bit much. Pro-tip: bringing donuts to Dinand has a 100% chance of improving your library experience!!

We spent the majority of the day lesson planning, and ran into fellow TEPers Hannah and Kat at the printers. I successfully lesson planned for the upcoming week. Currently, I am teaching Of Mice and Men to my period one freshmen class, and A Thousand Splendid Suns to my senior class. I had a good time finding some fun resources to use throughout the week!

At about 5:00 Kate and I made a trip to Whole Foods to stock up on groceries for the week. We then proceeded to run into at least 10 people that we know, from Doherty, Nativity, home, and Holy Cross 🙂

When I got home the first of my roommates was finally back from Spring Break, so I spent some time catching up with Emily who just got back from a week in Punta Cana. Now it is officially time for bed before an early wake-up tomorrow.

p.s not ready for the spring ahead morning darkness at 6 am!!


My final day of blogging! Today was another day filled with activities-the weekend is so close yet so far (ha). I began today by picking up Bioribel from her dorm and heading to Burncoat together.

Giving Bioribel the BMS tour

It was fun to have some company this morning to wake me up!

After the school day, I headed to the gym for a quick run on the treadmill.

Workout time

The gym at Holy Cross is temporarily at the Hart Center, and the views while running are awesome.

quick Dinand selfie

Before the rest of my afternoon, I headed to Dinand (where I saw Suzanne) to copy, scan, and print some work for the next few days.

One important part of student teaching is creating realtionships with students. The Sullivan girls (Hannah, Ally, and Maureen) and I decided to go to the boys and girls basketball games this afternoon.


Burncoat won both games (but I am not going to brag too much). It was great to see our students in another setting other than the classroom.

To celebrate the (almost) weekend, a few of us went out for some pizza to just relax and chat about the weeks we had. It was fun to be able to share experiences with each other over a nice slice of pizza!

Good food and great friends!

Thank you for reading about my week, I hope you had almost as good of a time reading about it as I had living it (LOL).

A Wild Wednesday

Another busy day in the books! Today I had another early start, but it has been easier to wake up since daylight savings is coming up and the mornings are much lighter.

what a beautiful morning!

After student teaching was finished for the day, I quickly bounced to the Hart Center at Holy Cross to set up for the basketball game later in the evening. Usually, I arrive early to the game to set up the gym, but today I have class from 3:30-6 so I have to schedule my time wisely.

During Practicum today, we had a presenter on Special Education, and two of my classmates particpated in our Mursion projects. They did a great job!

another day of class



HC has both beautiful sunrises and sunsets!

I had to leave class a few minutes early to arrive to the game on time. Today, the team played against Lehigh University in our final regular season game. Unfortunately, we lost in overtime. However, our first playoff game is on Monday against BU so it is time to lock in to work for the PLC!

game time!


After the game, a few of us ordered some wings and relaxed–it is crazy to to think there are no more home games.

excited to eat some wings

After a busy day, I headed home to get ready for Thursday’s classes. Who knows what it will bring!