Hannah’s Friday


These signs were all over the Science Building!

Today was such an exciting day for our 30 Sullivan girls because we took a field trip to Holy Cross for “Girls Coding Day.”  It was such a fun day for everyone-from the dancing, walking around campus, pizza lunch, and exploring coding on the computer!!

We started off the day with some brainstorming about what coding is-the Holy Cross students leading this event had the girls make step-by-step lists for everyday tasks like waking up in the morning or brushing your teeth.


Learned lots of new dance moves today

Then, the girls had to come  up with step-by-step instructions for a dance to teach the room. It was so funny when the girls read the instructions aloud because they all knew how to do the dances and were making fun of the teachers…I swear I am not that old 🙂


After being made fun of for my horrible dance moves, we went to the “math lounge” in the science building to look at the Birthday Paradox. I learned today that when you are with a group of 23 or more, there is a 50% or higher chance that two people have the same birthday. It was true today!! There were two pairs with the same birthday in our group…wild!!

August 7th and December 10th!

From here, we had about 30 minutes before lunch to explore campus. We walked around campus in small groups to check out the main attractions-Lobby shop and Bookstore. We had a pizza party for lunch!! Then, went to the computer lab to explore “Scratch,” a basic introduction to coding.

Girls can code!!

We took the bus back to Sullivan for the last period of the day, then went home for the weekend. Now, I am about to go for a short run (have to run 10 miles on Sunday…wish me luck) and then out to dinner with my friends. Happy Friday!!

Hannah’s Thursday

Happy Thursday!!

Started my day off again with a run outside this morning 🙂

Through an unfortunate series of events, my coffee spilled ALL OVER my kitchen this morning and I did not have time to fully clean it up. Sent my roommates a nice “I’m  so sorry our house smells like coffee and our kitchen floor is so sticky” text this morning 🙂

Miss Trueman and Miss K!

Day 2 of ELA MCAS today at Sullivan Middle School. I was on bathroom duty again this morning, but luckily me and Ally were paired together today.


My “go to” spot in the Workshop!
The front entrance of Nativity




After school, I had one session in the Writer’s Workshop, working on a history paper. Then, I headed up to Hogan to meet with my 20 volunteers for SPUD. My SPUD site is the Nativity School of Worcester. Every Thursday night from 5:30-6:30, I go to Nativity’s evening study to help Alvin with his homework. This week he finished all his homework, so we spent the rest of the time trying to save a rubik’s cube…we never got it.




After SPUD, I headed home for dinner and to watch “A Million Little Things” with my roommates!

Hannah’s Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!!

Food Hack-Trader Joe’s Everything Seasoning…it makes everything better!!



Started my day off today with a morning run outside. I am training for a half marathon, so running is part of my normal routine these days. I had some extra time this morning, so I actually made myself eggs for breakfast instead of my normal granola bar.

my bathroom station this morning







Today at Sullivan was the first day of ELA MCAS, so I was on bathroom duty while the students were testing. If a student wanted to go to the bathroom or get a drink during testing, their teacher would have to flag me down so I could escort the student to and from the bathroom….definitely got my steps in today!!  When there were no students using the bathroom, I worked on making a “Classroom Behavior/Participation Tracking” poster. This is a new classroom management incentive Mrs. Foley and I are going to start to use next quarter to make sure students are ending the year strong.

here is my poster

Once MCAS were over, I read aloud “Percy Jackson: Lightening Theft” to my afternoon classes. From school, I headed straight to our Seminar in Teaching class. Today’s class was focused on teacher self care.  After class, I gave a course evaluation form (CEF) to another education class and then headed to meet Kate and Kat at the pub for our weekly dinners after class.

Thanks Kate for buying us dinner with your dining dollars!!
Welcome to the Workshop!!

From dinner, I went to work at the Writer’s Workshop. I had one session and we brainstormed an outline for her paper on Dante’s Inferno. Now I am doing some work in the library with my roommates until I am ready to go watch some Netflix…my teacher self care!!


Hannah’s Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!!

My view of Holy Cross and Worcester while I run on the treadmill at Hart as the sun rises.

I am excited to be back blogging this week about my life as a student teacher at Sullivan Middle School. Sullivan starts an hour later than all of the other Worcester Public Schools, so I usually wake up around 6:15am every morning to work out before a day of teaching. Great way to start the day!


Obviously got my Starbucks coffee before I got gas!!


After I worked out, I drove home to quickly shower and eat breakfast before heading to school. Today, I needed to leave an extra 10 minutes early to get gas (and make a stop at Starbucks).


Today is Autism Awareness Day, so the Life Skills Program at Sullivan asked everyone to wear BLUE in support of Autism Awareness. I wore my HC Autism Awareness shirt (as seen in my selfie). I am a member of this club at HC and during the summer, I am a camp director for kids with Autism, so this day is extremely important to me!!

The ELA MCAS are Wednesday and Thursday this week, so today we played a MCAS Jeopardy review with my three classes. There were 6 different categories- Open Response, Reading Strategies, Poetry&Genres, Grammar&Writing, Terms to Know, and Testing Tips- with multiple questions in each category.

my jeopardy game

To keep them fully engaged, the winning team would get to pick a prize of their choice. Each team created a team name and had to complete the graphic organizer that went along with the game to not lose points. I was even asking the question on a microphone…the real deal!!

Winning teams: M&K, Foley’s Favorites, and Cookie Choir

Chosen Prize: Flaming Hot Cheetos

(yes, all three teams chose Flaming Hot Cheetos as their prize…these are the middle school craze these days)

Normally after school on Tuesdays I lifeguard at the Hart pool, but today I got coverage for my shift because I had a phone interview with a school for next year (fingers crossed)!! After my interview, I worked on my “dilemma” paper for our Seminar class tomorrow, made some dinner, and prepared for the most exciting part of my day…This is Us season finale!!

my roommates Sinead and Monica!

My roommates and I are so excited for this episode we made an event of it…whole cheese and cracker tray. Not sure I’m emotionally ready for this finale…



Maureen H– TEP Blog Takeover (Week 9 Day 5)

Saturday March 26, 2019

If you are looking for some “teacher clothes,” I’d highly recommend J Crew Factory at the Wrentham outlets. I also love Old Navy, Target (their shoes are amazing!), and the Gap. They have staples that will help you to build a professional wardrobe that doesn’t break the bank. Here’s a little window into what I wore this week:


Today was a special day because I spent the day at Boston College. I will be attending the Lynch School of Education (starting this summer!) to receive a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction. Their Catholic mission is very similar to the Holy Cross TEP. I am excited to continue my Jesuit education here. I got to stay over Saturday night with my cousin Sarah who is a current senior at BC. It was sunny and 65! Here are some pictures from the amazing day:

The day consisted of a tour, information sessions, an example class, and a lunch. Gasson is so beautiful!
These two amazing people have supported me through everything and are the reason I can continue my education at Boston College this summer.
My favorite place to get ice cream. I swear this isn’t why I chose BC for grad school. . .

Dinand will always have my heart, but I can’t wait to study in Bapst 🙂
From the Hill to the Heights– I can’t wait for my next adventure!

Student Teacher Day in the Life // GETTING ORGANIZED + What’s in my bag?

Maureen Hodgens– TEP Blog Takeover (Week 9 Day 4)

This week is my second week with three full classes. This is definitely A LOT more challenging than my schedule before! It is so hard to keep track of who has done what, what I have said to who, and what agenda and objectives I need to put up on the board each period.

How do you stay organized while student teaching?

Here are some tips and tricks that are helping me right now:
  1. Set out your weekly block schedule so you can see which classes will drop throughout the week. I also put the daily time schedule next to each block.
  2. Quickly jot down what each class did each day after the bell rings. It only takes 30 seconds and it truly saves you from the “Did this class do this yet?” headache tomorrow! My mom is an awesome teacher and this is her template she gave me.
  3. The Pass it in Bin helps to organize submitted student work. I go through it after each period so the Do Nows and Exit Tickets don’t pile up. Also, the black stackable bin is super helpful to organize lined paper, computer paper, colored paper, etc.
  4. Make copies the day before so you aren’t stressed or rushing around during your preps.
  5. Use multiple calendars to help you visualize the major assignments due for Holy Cross courses as well as your breaks. As you can see, Easter is right around the corner!

A few last thoughts:

Update your time log each day so  you don’t forget how long you worked each day.
Keeping a “To be passed back,” “Extra copies,” and “To be graded” pile helps to keep papers organized. Use paper clips to help you keep the classes separated!
Label your PowerPoint slides with the color of the class to help you remember who is on what!
A good teacher bag always has tons of snacks, hand sanitizer, and chapstick. You can never pack too many snacks 🙂 ⇧

Stay tuned for my last post where I show you my outfits of the week‼

Student Teacher Day in the Life • Classroom Tour & MARCH MOTIVATION!!

Maureen Hodgens– TEP Blog Takeover (Week 9 Day 3)

Monday March 25, 2019

Happy Monday! Here’s a little tour of Sullivan Middle School and my classroom. ↓

How do you stay motivated while student teaching?

We are more than halfway through student teaching. Some days, it is hard to stay motivated and positive when that alarm goes off in the pitch blackness. However, I use Pinterest as a Dream Board and I check it every morning to get motivational quotes and photos. Here are some examples of what pops up on my feed:

My mom is also a 7th grade teacher and she sends me morning inspiration 🙂 It helps to have someone in your life who is doing a similar job that you are! We send each other lesson ideas/quotes all the time.

I also watch daily Lenten Reflections from Dynamic Catholic to help me find purpose in each day. The videos are sent straight to my email and they are only 3-4 minutes long. I like to listen to them on my walk home from the gym in the morning before I leave for school.

Usually, I watch the sunrise from my couch if it isn’t cloudy. Not a bad view! It makes getting up before the sunrise worth it.
Lunch time with my classroom neighbors! Mrs. Foley, Ms. K, and Ms. Trueman make my day every single day. I am so lucky I get to work with such positive, amazing humans! They have made my student teaching experience so fulfilling. I couldn’t do it without them.

In summary:

  1. Utilize Pinterest or other forms of social media to manifest your dreams and receive daily inspirational quotes.
  2. Interact with people who are going through a student teaching experience like you. Don’t be afraid to ask them for advice! Ms. K and Ms. Trueman always make me feel better when I am having a tough day.
  3. Surround yourself with people who bring you joy and make you feel better about yourself.  Lunches are my 30 minutes of the day where I can relax with fabulous coworkers who inspire me.
  4. Stay in tune with nature. Watch a sunrise or sunset to slow down and realize that the days are getting longer and better weather is coming!
  5. Watch short guided meditations or reflections on YouTube in the morning before you start your day to find purpose.

Trip to Newport, Rhode Island ☼ | Student Teacher Life

Maureen Hodgens– TEP Blog Takeover (Week 9 Day 2)

Sunday March 24, 2019

Today, I got up and went right to Mass at 10:30 with my sister. Usually, I got to 7 PM Mass at Holy Cross with my friends but today was a special day. My cousins just bought a beach house in Newport so my family went to go visit!  My sister and I stopped into this church on the way home. Mass on Sunday always helps me to remember have gratitude for the beautiful life I have been given. I’m so lucky I get the opportunity to be a student teacher and go to my dream college, Holy Cross. Every day is a blessing and a gift. My Catholic faith and my teaching vocation go hand in hand. 

One of the best parts of going home is seeing my dog, Bentley. She is three.

I only live an hour from Newport so it was a short drive over. It was 55 and sunny out and we even drove with the sunroof open. We spent the afternoon touring the house and spending time together. Since they live right on the the Newport Cliff Walk, we made sure to take a walk there. It is so beautiful!

Views from the Cliff Walk.
Family selfie 🙂

Then, my Grammie treated us to dinner. It was delicious. It was special to have such a fun day spent with family. I’m so grateful we got to spend the day together. Sometimes it is hard to slow down and take time for what we value in life, but I think that days like these are so important and special! I feel refreshed and ready to take on another week of student teaching. 

It was so yummy!

Saturday Day in the Life // Grocery Haul + Bake with me!

Maureen Hodgens– TEP Blog Takeover (Week 9 Day 1)

Saturday March 23, 2019

Today I got to sleep in for the first time in a while. I went to Kimball because my sister is a freshman at Holy Cross at she has guest swipes. We both got omelets! My favorite omelet has feta cheese, tomato, spinach, and onion in it. I have not been to Kimball in months so it was fun to catch up with my sister and spend the morning together.

My dad and brother were in Worcester today and surprised my sister and I with Starbucks coffee. It was so sweet of them!

Love my little sis!









To do lists are a must for a busy day.

Then, I went back to my apartment and did some laundry. I like doing my laundry on the weekends because it makes the rest of the week so much easier. My friends and I did some homework in a study room in our apartment. I was super productive and got everything but two things done on my to do list. 


The views from my apartment are the best.
They were so fluffy and delicious 🙂

I baked these gluten free chocolate chip muffins for a special day that I will blog about tomorrow! The secret ingredient is coconut oil instead of butter.





My friends all met up at 6:30 PM at Chipotle. I got a bowl with lettuce, brown and white rice, cheese, mild salsa, and sour cream. So yummy!

My awesome friends part 1
My awesome friends part 2
We also went grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s.
I got all of this stuff for $40! Talk about a bargain.

The last thing I did today was meal prep for this week. I love making my salads and washing all of my fruit ahead of time because it saves me so much time in the mornings.

Meal prepping is my favorite!


Today was an awesome day! For the first time all semester, Suzanne and I decided to leave campus a little earlier than usual and stop at Starbucks on the way to school. I’m honestly impressed we’ve lasted this long because we were regular customers at the Starbucks off exit 16 this summer. This little treat was the perfect pick me up and gave us more time to catch up than the usual 15 minute drive to Doherty and back.

Sunrise at Doherty
Early Morning Starbucks Run

After collaborating and catching up with my teachers during first period, I went straight into teaching periods two, three, and four. It was a B day today, which meant second period was long. Lucky for my PreCalc Honors students, I came armed with some tricky trig word problems for them to do independently with the support of a partner.

Today was a big day in Geometry because we finally transitioned from triangles to a new shape, parallelograms. For a while there it felt like the only shape of importance was a triangle, so I’m excited to change course and think about things other than triangles!

After school, Kat (another TEP student at Burncoat Middle) and I went and got our nails done. We have been on the same exact track throughout our four years at Holy Cross because we’re both math majors and in the TEP, so this is our first semester of not being together 5 days a week. It’s definitely been an adjustment!

Once I got back to campus, I had a little break filled with making copies and getting ready for tomorrow before I headed to Nativity for evening study. My time at Nativity each week is one of my favorite parts of the week. I love getting to see my students from this summer and seeing them continuing to grow into Nativity men. Of course, they’re still middle schoolers, so I also love hearing updates on the basketball team and just catching up with the boys.

Nativity Evening Study

I am so excited and humbled to be working at Nativity for the next two years after graduation!