Day at Doherty

Today, I started my morning with observations at Doherty Memorial High School with my two supervising practitioners, Mrs. O’Leary and Mrs. Razzaq. I will be taking over Mrs. O’Leary’s Honors Pre-Calculus class and Mrs. Razzaq’s English Language Learner (ELL) Geometry and College Prep Geometry classes.

Mrs. O’Leary is starting to implement more technology into her classroom, so we focused on helping students set up online accounts so that they could then complete assignments online and receive instant results. Although we were running around a lot, helping different students, I enjoyed it because I finally got to get to know my future students better by working with them one-on-one.

Since I have been working with Mrs. Razzaq since last year, I have taken a more active role this year in the classroom. I am constantly walking around, helping students who are struggling with concepts. I’m happy to say I think I have finally learned all of the students’ names in her ELL Geometry class, but I still need to work on learning the names of her College Prep Geometry class of thirty students.

I am so excited to be at Doherty in the Spring and am so lucky to have such amazing and supportive supervising practitioners.

Doherty Memorial High School

After observations, I went straight to class and then office hours for help on my problem set with Ally. She is at Sullivan Middle School this year and knew as soon as she saw me that today was my day for observations thanks to my work outfit!

Ally and Me Post Math Office Hours

After my busy day of observations and school, I was excited to get off campus to tutor my Montserrat professor’s daughter. I love being able to get off campus and to feel like I’m at home when home is so far away in Florida. We always make sure to get homework done while also having a good time. I also love getting to catch up with my professor each week. Our Montserrat class became a tight-knit group that is still friends today.

Tutoring Off Campus
Astrid Showing Off Her Wig for Halloween

After tutoring, I went straight to the gym to work out, so I was excited when I got back to campus to make a quick dinner: pasta and brussel sprouts.


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