Hi everyone! My name is Ally, I am a senior math major in TEP and I will be taking over the blog this week (so excited :)!

I usually start off my mornings by getting up around 7am and going to the gym (sorry forgot to take a picture).  This morning was particularly hard to get motivated as I was up late last night watching the Red Sox win the World Series (yay!!!) in addition to it being a terribly gloomy, rainy Monday morning:(

Afterwards I usually head to my one class of the day, Geometry, and then it’s off to Sullivan Middle School to observe where I will be student teaching in the spring!  I observe Mr. Bousquet’s 7th grade math classes and I will be taking over a few of them next semester.

Hannah, Maureen and I at Sullivan! We are all senior TEP students student teaching at Sullivan


Today was unique because the teacher I observe had prep periods most of the time I was there so I was able to observe other teachers at the school teaching various subjects.  Specifically, I used my time to sit in on a History and English class.  It was super helpful to gain perspective across different subject areas and observe other teaching styles!

I observed Mrs. Foley’s English class (Hannah’s supervising practitioner)! She’s the best:)


After returning from Sullivan my day consisted of homework, homework and more homework…. oh and emails! Super fun, I know.

Oh and dinner!! I know it looks like a lot for one person, but if being a senior has taught me anything its meal prepping:)


I will check in with everyone again soon, stay tuned!


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