Hello again, I’m back:)

I started my day at the gym again (sorry forgot to take a picture again  :/).  And then I had a morning meeting cancelled, so I had extra time to get ready( win!!).

My day mostly consisted of a lot of homework, unfortunately just one of those days:(


Working hard with my friend Izzy in the library!

Luckily today I was able to have dinner with my roommate, Abby!  Eating alone definitely gets old.



Some good chicken and broccoli for dinner tonight featuring Abby!


To wrap up my day, I collected as many non-perishable items as I could find to add to our class backpack.  Our senior pre-practicum class visited the Nativity school of Worcester last week and we all decided to donate to their “Blessings in Backpacks” fund in which donors fill backpacks with non-perishable foods for those Nativity families in need.


Non-Perishables for Nativity!


Signing off for the night! I will check in soon:)

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