Hannah’s Monday!!

Hi everyone, my name is Hannah Trueman and I am taking over the blog this week!! I am a senior English major in the Teacher Education Program.

Every Monday, Maureen, Ally and I observe at Sullivan Middle School, where we will be student teaching next semester. I have been observing Mrs. Foley’s 7th grade ELA classes, which I will be taking over next semester.  Today, I observed a seminar class, an ELA class, and we ended up leaving a little earlier today because all of our teachers had  prep periods at the end of the day.

Mrs. Foley’s Classroom

After I got back from Sullivan, I went for a run around the neighborhoods off campus.  This is always one of my favorite parts of my day!! I try to run off campus as much as I can, especially before it gets too cold and the ground is covered in snow…which will be very soon.

My run down Hampton Street

After my run, I had a quick turn around time to get up to the Hart pool where I am a lifeguard. I lifeguard at the pool three times a week for two hours at a time.

Swim team practice

After my shift, I went home to make myself a quick dinner before I had to meet with a group for our presentation tomorrow. We met in Hogan at Cool Beans to make our Powerpoint on The Masque of Blackness for our Renaissance Marvels and Monsters course. Now, I am sitting in Dinand working on finishing all my homework for my three classes tomorrow…


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