Hannah’s Friday!!

Happy Friday everyone!!

On Friday mornings, I work as a consultant in the Writer’s Workshop from 11:00-1:00pm. I love working in the Workshop!! I started my sophomore year after taking Professor Kristina Reardon’s courseĀ ENGL 387: Composition Theory and Pedagogy. By taking this class, we become trained to help all students at any stage in the writing process. Our goal in the Writer’s Workshop is to help students become confident writers rather than quickly edit paper for grammar. I also work on Sundays from 4:00-7:00pm.

Inside the Writer’s Workshop

After the Workshop, I had “Asian American Literature” from 2:00-3:15pm-my only class on Fridays!! Then, I went on a run and my friends and I made some cookies.

Tomorrow I am heading to Holy Cross’ Joyce Contemplative Retreat Center for a weekend retreat with my Haiti Immersion group. I will be going to Haiti in January with a group of 12 Holy Cross students. We will be staying at the “Be like Brit” orphanage there to spent time with the kids and build a house during the day. I am super excited!!

Here is a quick video of what I will be doing there!!

Thanks for reading my post this week!! Can’t wait to blog again next semester šŸ™‚



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