Suzanne’s Tuesday

My Tuesday morning started off bright and early as Kate and I left for our observation hours at Doherty High School at 7:30 am. We have established that it rains EVERY Tuesday so the path from the student parking lot to the school is always muddy 🙂 My supervising practitioner, Mrs. Naco, just returned from maternity leave so this was only my second time observing her all semester. Prior to that I was observing Kate’s two supervising practitioners in the math department. Let’s just stay I should stick with English because I could barely understand what was going on. I am super excited that Mrs. Naco is back!

Once back at Holy Cross I went over to the field house for a quick workout. I am new to working out in there as my field hockey season just ended a few weeks ago.  From there I walked in the rain (there were no parking spots anywhere on campus today!!!) to Hart for my last ever field hockey meeting 🙁

Once back at my off campus house, I decided that it was a good idea (despite the pretty heavy work load I have this week) to take an hour to relax and watch some Friday Night Lights. p.s I have no official class on Tuesdays 🙂

Lunch time! Following my own personal screening of FNL I took a quick trip to Nu Cafe where I enjoyed the Buffalo Kale wrap (definitely recommend) and some nice company.

My next big activity for the day was the Power Talk featuring Molly Cole in Smith and Hogan. Molly Cole is an HC alum who did Teach For America and has worked as both a teacher and principal in charter schools in Philadelphia and Boston. I was so impressed by her and glad I went! The free Hogan dinner which featured the best mac and cheese that I have ever had was also a huge plus.

After my fabulous dinner and conversation I headed to Seelos theater for an event hosted by Dr. Brittany Cooper regarding her book “Eloquent Rage.” It was a really cool talk and I am feeling very grateful for all of the opportunities that Holy Cross has to offer to take in information in settings like this.

Now I am doing some homework in the library! Thanks for reading about my Tuesday!

p.s I am super bad at technology and cannot figure out how to make all of the pictures vertical so you may have to turn your head until further notice…. apologies!

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