Suzanne’s Wednesday

This morning for Pre-Practicum, the senior TEP crew headed over to Burncoat High School for a special class. Once there a series of students came into the guidance office and shared their stories of struggles with us. These students were truly incredible and the battles that they have faced thus far in their young lives were not easy to hear about, let alone endure. Each of the students were selected specifically for the reason that they have been working to stay in school and succeed in school despite momentous challenges. These students have all been touched and supported by the school and it was so encouraging to hear about the impact that teachers and other faculty have been able to make on their lives. What makes me most excited about teaching is being in an incredible position to help kids who really need it. This morning was really inspiring.

Once back on campus I decided to go for a quick run down Southbridge Street before my 11 am class, “African American Literature.” Here is a pic of me repping some much needed Holy Cross gear to keep me warm in this freezing cold weather!! (I heard its supposed to snow on Thursday!)

After my quick run I headed to class. During my second class of the day, Classical Mythology, my cold really got the best of me (its that time of year again!).  I decided it was time to come home for a much needed nap. Before leaving campus I took this picture because this campus is just so pretty 🙂

I am supposed to tutor at Nativity on Wednesday nights, but decided that it is for the best to sit this one out so I don’t spread any of my germs to the kids. Hopefully my tutee, Travis, will forgive me for not showing up. Last time I had to skip he was very upset with me which he asked Kate my fellow TEPer and Nativity intern to share with me! I will have to make it up to him with some HC gear or lobby shop candy next time.

For the rest of the night I plan on doing some serious homework! I have a Classical mythology essay due on Friday that isn’t going to write itself! I made some lemon tea to help me get started. Dinner will probably consist of some mac and cheese or a defrosted turkey burger as usual 🙂 Happy Wednesday!

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