Suzanne’s Friday! Woohoo TGIF

TGIF!!! Best day of the week! I woke up this morning to a winter wonderland! I cant believe how much it snowed last night! This was the first snow I have experienced living off campus and I have to say I did not love having to shovel off the stairs and get the snow off my car. I can only imagine how much worse it will get second semester when I have to leave for school at 6 am!!

After a quick trip to the field house I headed over to Rehm to finish up my Greek Mythology essay which, if you have been reading, you will know that I have been putting off all week 🙂

Before going to my 11 am class I stopped at cool beans for a hazelnut iced coffee with milk- my coffee favorite order if anyone is ever wondering!!

I was supposed to have three classes today but two of them were cancelled because of todays engage summit. The first summit event I attended was about how to be an ally. The second event was so packed that we had to leave Stein, walk to Kimball, and eventually relocate to Seelos theater. It was encouraging to see so many members of the campus community show interest in engaging in issues on campus and gathering together to listen to one another.

After that I went to the Auburn mall with two of my junior teammates, Maddy and Meg. We then went back on campus to pick up my roommates Molly and Lilly and all headed over to Chic Fil’ A for a nice Friday night dinner! What could be better??

Once home we made homemade chocolate chip cookies and are now all cozied up for a nice movie night! Happy Friday and thanks for tuning into my blog posts this week!! 🙂

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