Kat’s Monday

Hello Everyone! My name is Kat and I will be taking over the blog this week! I am a senior Mathematics Major in the Teacher Education Program. I can’t wait to upate everyone on the upcoming week because it is definitely a busy one!

Today I began my day by heading to Geometry class with fellow TEPers Kate and Ally. I am getting sad about ending my math classes at Holy Cross because it has been a journey for sure, but I am excited to be using all my math knowledge next semester during student teaching! It just so happens that today I taught my lesson for Pre-Practicum at Burncoat Middle School where I will be doing my student teaching in the spring. I enjoyed being able to use teachniques I have learned over the past few years in my lesson on one step equations.

Burncoat Middle School Entrance

After school, I decided to stop at Starbucks for a coffee because I had a long night ahead of me and needed some caffeine. 

Me drinking coffee to make it through the day!

Aside from being in TEP, I also am the manager of the Women’s Basketball team at Holy Cross. We are in the middle of the season right now and have been practicing since October. I played basketball in high school and love watching this sport. I definitely spend a lot of time at the Hart Center, but it’s been really cool traveling with the team throughout college because I’ve gotten to go to a lot of cool places!

some of the basketball girls keeping me company on the sidelines
practice makes perfect!

After practice, my roommates and I did some homework while setting up our Christmas tree. I love Christmas time, and played a lot of classic tunes while preparing my work for the week ahead!

Getting into the holiday spirit!

Finally, a few of my friends and I went  out to dinner to celebrate some birthdays!

the gals are ready to eat

Can’t wait  to see what tomorrow brings!

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