Kat’s Terrific Tuesday

Today was another busy day! I began my day with a quick workout at the field house on campus and then grabbed some coffee with friends before my classes. In my first class of the day, “Ballet 1-2”, we participated in a workshop given by choreographer Ronald K. Brown. This was definitely a workout I was not prepared for, but experiencing a different type of dance was very cool. Taking dance classes at Holy Cross has been an important way for me to develop a greater appreciation for the arts.

dance is a tough workout

After ballet I went to my second class of the day,” Sex and Society in Africa” where we discussed articles that I am doing a presentation about on Thursday (Yikes).

Next, I had to quickly pack my suitcase because I am traveling to the University of Vermont this week for a basketball game. Before leaving, the team practiced and prepared for the upcoming opponent.

packing the uniforms!
another day, another practice





Once practice ended, the other manager and I had to pack the bus and get the meal ready for the team as we made our way to Vermont. The bus ride was definitely a long one, but the team always finds way to have fun if we get bored.

excited for the bus ride

We arrived at the hotel in just under four hours. Two other girls on the team and I did some homework that we needed to make up for missing class tomorrow—it is definitely important to have good time management when you have to miss school.

studying it up
getting a good night’s sleep before the game!

After a long day of traveling its finally time for bed—gotta rest up for gameday!

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