Meg Ober surprised me today during my period two! She observed my class for a bit and then we made our way down to HR to take care of some paperwork. I truly can’t express how helpful the TEP staff has been throughout my journey. A HUGE S/O to Kate Riley, Meg Ober, Professor Capotosto, Professor Lopez and of course Mary Meth Cashman! You all make TEP a home for me.

Just another day doing teacher things! I had two amazing lessons today. Teaching for me is all about being yourself. You have to show the students that despite all of the expectations that they have on their shoulders they are more than enough. Being goofy and admitting my mistakes when I make them helps me become a better teacher. I am a work in progress and so are my students. We are growing together and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the current version of ourselves because we are all working towards who we want to become!

Okay enough rambling….

The whole gang is here! I learn so much from each and very single one of the TEP Student Teachers! We have class on Wednesday 3:30-6, always working hard to become better teachers and better people. As well as trying to manage sleep, healthy eating habits, lesson plans, making copies, the gym, campus jobs, volunteer programs, friends, and walking up and down these hills!

Me: “Okay everyone, please answer the following question using the subjunctive.

question: “what don’t you want your friend to do?”

answer: “I don’t want my friend to be stopid”

Jus another day on the job!

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