STUDENT TEACHING: Thursday and Friday!

Things got very hectic towards the end of the week. On Thursday one of my students who had not been in class for about two weeks handed in all of his missing work and we had a small chat about his path to success. It was so nice to see him working hard towards catching up.



Thursday night I spent about 4 hours cutting up paper with my roommates in order to make this cool puzzle game for my period 2 class. I had to make Fridays fun but I also wanted to show off my craft skills during my observation. I was very nervous but it all went well, my students were very engaged and seemed to have fun with the puzzle pieces!

Friday I taught period 2 all by myself for the first time. This class is perhaps my most challenging class, not only due to the class size but also the various learning styles. I am very excited yet nervous to start teaching this class but I know I will grow so much as a teacher. Photo Credits to Ms. Muñoz for the great picture.


All great teachers know how to have fun in and outside of the classroom. This is a picture of Ms. Muñoz and I at the Holy Cross 100 Days Ball.

Thank you for joining me on my journey!

-Bioribel Castillo’19





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