Welcome to Jailene’s student teaching!

Bienvenidos amigos!

This semester has been very different from my previous semester! I am so busy, but enjoying every second of it šŸ˜€

SO, I commute everyday to Burncoat High School, no longer do I live at Holy Cross! I am taking over Spanish classes for the wonderful SeƱora Suarez.

Here is the run down on my typical day as a Student-Teacher:
Coffee #1! Messy room and funny mugs!

In my last blog, I talked about my gym routine every morning at 5:30am…. not anymore!

LARGE coffee #2… At Burncoat High School!


Welcome to Spirit week! (Semana del EspĆ­ritu Escolar)
Post-gym session cuddles with my favorite man, Marshall!
Favorite part of the day…. food!

Overall, I had the typical busy day at Burncoat High School (hence the lack of pictures during the day). However, I did not have my typical Monday department meetings, so I was able to enjoy my time at the gym, with family and cook a yummy dinner!






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