Snow Day as a Student-Teacher

Bienvenidos amigos!

Its that time of the year for delays and snow days! We have been pretty lucky since we have not yet had a full week of school. Last week, we had two snow days and a delay… I am not complaining! As much as I love my students, it is  nice to sleep in and spend extra time with friends and family… Here was how I spent my snow day!

Me when Worcester Public Schools announced a snow day yesterday!


Getting an early start to the gym before the storm!
Post-gym, featuring protein shakes
Homemade lunch with dad!
Baking with a friend… Rolling up the cookies!
Smiling because… cookies.
Pro tip- Double the amount of chocolate chips in the recipe

Overall, I had a relaxing day! Other than going to the gym and eating, I was also able to lesson plan, nap, watch The Office, and… eat more food! It has been an easy start to the week… let’s see how the rest of the week plays out!


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