Hello friends!

I am very happy and well-rested right now because its…. SPRING BREAK! A little break from student-teaching is always nice and necessary. Here is what I did for the weekend of my first Spring Break as a teacher!

My best friend Carolina came up from New York to visit for the weekend! So of course, we had to get Thai food!
Headed to Mohegan Sun with the girls to watch an MMA fight! We all met at boxing 😀
The arena!
I was even able to stop by Holy Cross and catch up with a couple alums who were visiting for the weekend!
Last but not least, ice skating! Always grateful to have someone tie my skates

This weekend was amazing and taking a break from lesson planning was necessary. I think it is important to remember that even the best teachers have a life outside of school. Finding time for friends and family is the most important thing to remember!

Have a good break y’all!

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