Student teaching… day before break!

Hola Amigos!

I am very excited because… it is the final day before break! Although I have only been student-teaching for a few weeks, I think a break is necessary. Teaching is a very time consuming job… when I am not teaching, I am lesson planning, and when I am not lesson planning, I am thinking about teaching! I have even had a few dreams about delivering lessons!

Here is the run down of the day:

Color wars at Burncoat High… the seniors went all out!
Had a little break in the day to go to an interview for a teaching position! #Adulting
Came back to Burncoat just in time to teach my last two periods of the day!

The day before break was exciting for all students and teachers! The students attended a pep rally the last period of the day to show their school spirit… Now off to break!





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