Wednesday- Student Teaching!

Hi all:)

Very long day today so currently writing from my bed even though its only 9:30 haha!

I started it out by going to the gym before school around 6:30 and then got to school around 8:30.

School was hectic today as the students “forgot how to do math over vacation”, as they say… but in all seriousness a lot of content was forgotten over break so I spent most of the day trying to gain the 2 step equation knowledge back because I am planning a unit exam for Friday…. yikes:/ haha we will get there.

On Wednesdays immediately after school I have my Teaching Practicum class at Holy Cross with our TEP adviser until 6:00.  Today in class I actually had to prepare a lesson on variables to facilitate in front of a computer simulation of students that can actually respond back and react to you! Freaky at first that the computer is conversing with you, but overall really cool experience and good practice.

This is what the simulation looked like with students!
This is the camera my lesson was being recorded live on!

Ok well that’s it for tonight, I need to sleep a lot tonight haha!

I will check in tomorrow:)

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