Friday- Student Teaching!

Hi all! Sorry, very busy week:(

On Friday I started my day off at the gym before school!

School was great!  We just reviewed for the students’ test on equations on Monday by playing Kahoot!  Kahoot is a platform where teachers can make up questions and the students can answer them on their own computers in teams and compete against each other to get the right answer and the most points.  Great activity to get the kids engaged with a little friendly competition.

Here I am eating lunch with some of the other student teachers (Hannah and Maureen) Hannah teaches English and Maureen teaches History. We all share the same students which is so fun:)


After school I had to rest for a few hours after a long week:)  All of the Holy Cross Students (except for us teachers) were packing up and leaving as it was the start of their spring break….so lonely:(

Kate ( a math student teacher at the high school) and I had a fun yet EARLY night out. My eyes are closed in this because I was falling asleep…..;)

I’ll check in later!!



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