Happy Snow Day Monday!

Hello Everyone! Its me Kat taking over the blog this week. We are all currently in week 7 of student teaching and it has been a great experience so far. This week at Holy Cross, the majority of students are on spring break…BUT we are not so although campus is empty, there is still plenty to do!

about half a foot of snow!

A nice surprise to start the week off was that today we had a snowday!


Basketball season is still going on, and the last regular season game is on Wednesday. Although I did not have to go to school today, I still had a few hours of practice.

Another day in the gym!

It is crazy to think that I am almost done with my last season and playoffs are just around the corner!


After practice, a few of my fellow TEPers and I decided to treat ourselves to some froyo before our week in the classroom begins.

Kate, Suzanne, and Hannah all finished with their well deserved ice cream.

After ice cream, I packed my lunch and finished up editing my lesson plans for the week. I usually go to bed pretty early so I am well rested for school, so time for bed!

tomorrows lunch!

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