A Wild Wednesday

Another busy day in the books! Today I had another early start, but it has been easier to wake up since daylight savings is coming up and the mornings are much lighter.

what a beautiful morning!

After student teaching was finished for the day, I quickly bounced to the Hart Center at Holy Cross to set up for the basketball game later in the evening. Usually, I arrive early to the game to set up the gym, but today I have class from 3:30-6 so I have to schedule my time wisely.

During Practicum today, we had a presenter on Special Education, and two of my classmates particpated in our Mursion projects. They did a great job!

another day of class



HC has both beautiful sunrises and sunsets!

I had to leave class a few minutes early to arrive to the game on time. Today, the team played against Lehigh University in our final regular season game. Unfortunately, we lost in overtime. However, our first playoff game is on Monday against BU so it is time to lock in to work for the PLC!

game time!


After the game, a few of us ordered some wings and relaxed–it is crazy to to think there are no more home games.

excited to eat some wings

After a busy day, I headed home to get ready for Thursday’s classes. Who knows what it will bring!

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