My final day of blogging! Today was another day filled with activities-the weekend is so close yet so far (ha). I began today by picking up Bioribel from her dorm and heading to Burncoat together.

Giving Bioribel the BMS tour

It was fun to have some company this morning to wake me up!

After the school day, I headed to the gym for a quick run on the treadmill.

Workout time

The gym at Holy Cross is temporarily at the Hart Center, and the views while running are awesome.

quick Dinand selfie

Before the rest of my afternoon, I headed to Dinand (where I saw Suzanne) to copy, scan, and print some work for the next few days.

One important part of student teaching is creating realtionships with students. The Sullivan girls (Hannah, Ally, and Maureen) and I decided to go to the boys and girls basketball games this afternoon.


Burncoat won both games (but I am not going to brag too much). It was great to see our students in another setting other than the classroom.

To celebrate the (almost) weekend, a few of us went out for some pizza to just relax and chat about the weeks we had. It was fun to be able to share experiences with each other over a nice slice of pizza!

Good food and great friends!

Thank you for reading about my week, I hope you had almost as good of a time reading about it as I had living it (LOL).

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