Totally Awesome Tuesday

This post is coming a little late this Tuesday evening as I clock in at 11:59!! How will I ever wake up tomorrow morning for school?? These days the mornings are a bit darker since the clocks changed for spring forward. Personally I am all for it because it is so worth it to have an extra hour of sunlight in the afternoon! Hopefully it starts to warm up now too and it will officially be spring!

Today has been a long one,  and I will take you through it start to finish. It all began at 5:50 this morning when the 4th of my alarms went off. I set a few alarms to trick myself into thinking I can sleep in after each one. The first isat 5:00, then 5:15, then 5:30, and the last is 5:50. By that time I cant wait to get out of bed because I’m just so sick of my alarm going off, so it works out nicely 🙂 Here is a picture of Kate and I as we pulled into the Doherty student parking lot. If you look closely you can see the sun rising in the background

I teach my first period class of freshmen at 7:20. We are reading “Of Mice and Men,” and just finished chapter 3. Curley just tried to pick a fight with Lennie and Lennie accidentally broke every bone in Curley’s hand. The students got a kick out of it. Tomorrow we will be taking a quiz on chapter 3, I’m not sure how it’s going to go but thumbs up for good luck to the freshmen (and me).

My third period class of senior students is just wrapping up Khaled Hosseini’s “A Thousand Splendid Suns.” This will be the first book I will have ever taught from start to finish so I think it will hold a special place in my heart.

Today during class we ended up on the subject of prom in the context of the different expectations for men and women in terms of beauty standards. Safe to say the kids are excited! They were shocked and appalled when I asked if they had a Facebook group where the girls post their dresses to claim them and make sure no one copies them as they did in my high school. They seem to have a better grip on reality than we did waaaay back then (a few years ago).

After school I went to the library and met up with some of my friends. It was great to see them and be able to do some of my lesson planning at the same time. It was also free popcorn Tuesday an in Hogan so I got some popcorn for  

After the library I headed home for a quick dinner of a peanut butter english muffin. I was supposed to give up bread for lent but I have not been sticking to it so if anyone has any good suggestions let a girl know!!

After my nutritious dinner I headed over to Nativity where I tutor my favorite 6th grader, Travis.

I then headed back to the library to finish up an ELL essay and prep for my Mursion experience during Pre-prac tomorrow. I am having a parent teacher-conference with an Avatar, nervous! Stay tuned for more tomorrow!

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