Hello everyone,

I can’t believe it’s already Thursday.  Today I made sure that I documented most parts of my day so that you guys could have some visuals for my daily routine. Today, unfortunately, my fellow Doherty TEPer decided that she needed to take her own car to school so that she could stay after. It’s always sad when Kate and I don’t drive together because it’s nice to have someone to complain about how early it is with. Here is me doing my best to put a brave face on without my good friend Kate. (Appearance vs. Reality is a big theme we will be discussing in Hamlet with my seniors next week!!!)

By some stroke of luck, however, Kate happened to pull into the Doherty student parking lot just SECONDS after me. Amazing. 

Here is a picture of our cute little cars parked next to each other among all of the students’s cars. Today Kate came prepared with baked goods because she is a math nerd and it is Pi day.

If you look at this picture you can see her smiling face at 6 am as she attempts to bribe her students into liking her with chips ahoy cookies and pie. Not gonna work Kate!!! Just kidding its a great idea and I definitely think I should try it soon. Nothing like some sugar motivators to get the kiddos excited to learn!

Here are some pictures that I took on my hallway duty today so you can get a sense for what the hallways of Doherty look like. There is a lot of really great paintings on the wall that brighten up the school and send really positive messages to kids.

As for my lessons today- they both went well. If you checked in with my blog yesterday and were anxiously awaiting to hear how the ice-breaker with my period one freshmen went… it was awesome. The students who are typically so quiet and reserved had a blast and got a chance to move around the room and chat with other students. Even though this meant that we got to less content material for the day, when we did get back to Of Mice and Men, the participation and energy was soooo much better. I am psyched and am going to keep in mind that this class needs more activity- after all , who isn’t tired first thing in the morning???

We also had a bit of fun with my seniors. I stole the twitter idea from MB at practicum last night and incorporated it into the end of our A Thousand Splendid Suns unit. Here are some of the tweets that students wrote. 

TGIF TOMORROW!!!! Have a great weekend everyone thank you for coming read my blog!! Signing off 🙂




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