Sunday: Prepping for the Week!

Hi everyone! It’s Kate! I’m student teaching High School Math at Doherty Memorial High School. I’ll be taking over the blog again this week. You may recognize me from the great pictures Suzanne shared of me last week!

Today, I spent most of my day at Holy Cross, in Dinand prepping for the week. I had a lot of lesson planning and printing (lots of it) to do and some work for my job as a SPUD intern and homework for our practicum class. Thankfully, I wasn’t the only one who had left all of my work to do for Sunday, so I was surrounded by lots of friends while doing work.

Suzanne, Allie, and Jenny in Dinand

After a nice five hours of work, my friend, Sam, and I headed to Trader Joe’s to do our weekly food shopping. It was. a quick trip, so she could get back to study for a midterm and I could get ready for tomorrow.

Grocery Store Run

Once I got back to campus, I meal prepped for the week by making breakfast for the week, lunch organized for tomorrow, and even managed to get my coffee in my coffee machine, so I all I have to do tomorrow morning is press the on button. I haven’t quite adjusted to waking up at 5:30, so I get as much done as possible the night before. That way, I can get ready in 30 minutes and get an extra 30 minutes of sleep in.

Breakfast Meal Prep
Lunch & Coffee Are All Set

After prepping for tomorrow, I got dinner with one of my friends in Crossroads.  I have a plethora of dining dollars and am trying my best to spend them all by the end of the semester.

Dinner in Crossroads

Once I got back to my room, I continued to prep for the week by doing laundry and doing the homework I assigned my students for the weekend. Sundays definitely are a catch up day now that I am working full-time. The week days are definitely more exciting and eventful!

Laundry Time

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