A Full Monday at Doherty

Today was the start of our first full week of student teaching! We have managed to have a snow day or delay every single week since the start of the semester, so we’ll see how this goes. 

Daylight Savings Time has definitely made the whole waking up thing a little bit harder, but it makes it easier to stay up later. When I left my room this morning at 6:30, it was still dark outside. 

View from Williams Before the Sunrise

Once I trekked to the parking garage in Williams and drove to Doherty, I could finally see the beginning of sunlight from the student lot. 

Doherty Student (& Student Teacher) Parking Lot

But before the sun could rise, I was inside, in my classroom, getting ready to teach my classes with my two awesome teachers, Mrs. Razzaq and Mrs. O’Leary. We all have a common planning period first period, so we are able to collaborate and catch up. 

Mrs. Razzaq’s Classroom

Today was an extra busy day because my program supervisor came to observe me, and we had an all faculty meeting. I definitely tried my best to stay organized throughout my three periods of teaching but definitely lost it as the day progressed. 

Ready for PreCalculus
Attempting to be Organized

Once the clock struck 3:30, I left Doherty and headed straight to Boys and Girls Club, one of the SPUD sites I volunteer at. I got to hang out with some elementary school students and attempted to convince them to do their homework. One of my lucky Geometry students gets to see me during the school day AND at Boys and Girls Club every Monday. 

Leaving Doherty After a FULL Day

Since getting back to campus, I’ve been printing and lesson planning in Dinand, eating dinner in Lower Kimball (still need to spend my dining dollars), and getting milkshakes with friends from Cool Beans. 

Dinner in Lower Kimball
Milkshake Time

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