Tuesday into Wednesday

I forgot to blog yesterday, so here is a two for one combo of my Tuesday and Wednesday this week!

Yesterday was a great and busy day! Over the weekend, Holy Cross sent out acceptance decisions and some Doherty Highlanders found out that they will be Holy Cross Crusaders next year! 

After the school day ended, I rushed back to campus to interview people for SPUD leadership positions for next year. We have 43 sites we work with in Worcester and a majority of our leadership comes from the senior class which means we have a lot of spots to fill! I was able to knock out five interviews yesterday back to back, so I was definitely a little frazzled by the end but am excited to see what the SPUD of 2019-2020 will look like!

SPUD Office

After some time lesson planning in Dinand, I headed to Pub Night with some friends. Since I woke up at 5:50, I was starting to crash by 10:30 but was glad I got to see friends outside of Dinand.

Pub Night

Today was another busy day. One of my teachers was absent, so I covered her classes which helped me get a few more hours towards my 100 required hours of direct instruction for the semester. I think the students were hoping for a substitute, so they wouldn’t have to do too much work. Instead, they had a regular day of testing and group work with me.

Test Time

After school, Suzanne and I decided to stop at Dunkin’ on our way back to campus for some coffee before practicum. We took a different route from the normal 290 and saw some of the students I work with at Boys and Girls Club who go to Woodland Academy and a dog basking in the sunlight in the front seat with some sunglasses.

First Day of Spring
Spring Ready

During Practicum, we talked about our weeks and had dinner with some junior TEP students. The dinner with TEP seniors and juniors is a great tradition because it gives us time to give advice and some clarity to the experience. I’m excited to hear about their experiences next year!

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