Today was an awesome day! For the first time all semester, Suzanne and I decided to leave campus a little earlier than usual and stop at Starbucks on the way to school. I’m honestly impressed we’ve lasted this long because we were regular customers at the Starbucks off exit 16 this summer. This little treat was the perfect pick me up and gave us more time to catch up than the usual 15 minute drive to Doherty and back.

Sunrise at Doherty
Early Morning Starbucks Run

After collaborating and catching up with my teachers during first period, I went straight into teaching periods two, three, and four. It was a B day today, which meant second period was long. Lucky for my PreCalc Honors students, I came armed with some tricky trig word problems for them to do independently with the support of a partner.

Today was a big day in Geometry because we finally transitioned from triangles to a new shape, parallelograms. For a while there it felt like the only shape of importance was a triangle, so I’m excited to change course and think about things other than triangles!

After school, Kat (another TEP student at Burncoat Middle) and I went and got our nails done. We have been on the same exact track throughout our four years at Holy Cross because we’re both math majors and in the TEP, so this is our first semester of not being together 5 days a week. It’s definitely been an adjustment!

Once I got back to campus, I had a little break filled with making copies and getting ready for tomorrow before I headed to Nativity for evening study. My time at Nativity each week is one of my favorite parts of the week. I love getting to see my students from this summer and seeing them continuing to grow into Nativity men. Of course, they’re still middle schoolers, so I also love hearing updates on the basketball team and just catching up with the boys.

Nativity Evening Study

I am so excited and humbled to be working at Nativity for the next two years after graduation!

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