Student Teacher Day in the Life // GETTING ORGANIZED + What’s in my bag?

TEP Blog Takeover (Week 9 Day 4)

This week is my second week with three full classes. This is definitely A LOT more challenging than my schedule before! It is so hard to keep track of who has done what, what I have said to who, and what agenda and objectives I need to put up on the board each period.

How do you stay organized while student teaching?

Here are some tips and tricks that are helping me right now:
  1. Set out your weekly block schedule so you can see which classes will drop throughout the week. I also put the daily time schedule next to each block.
  2. Quickly jot down what each class did each day after the bell rings. It only takes 30 seconds and it truly saves you from the “Did this class do this yet?” headache tomorrow! My mom is an awesome teacher and this is her template she gave me.
  3. The Pass it in Bin helps to organize submitted student work. I go through it after each period so the Do Nows and Exit Tickets don’t pile up. Also, the black stackable bin is super helpful to organize lined paper, computer paper, colored paper, etc.
  4. Make copies the day before so you aren’t stressed or rushing around during your preps.
  5. Use multiple calendars to help you visualize the major assignments due for Holy Cross courses as well as your breaks. As you can see, Easter is right around the corner!

A few last thoughts:

Update your time log each day so  you don’t forget how long you worked each day.
Keeping a “To be passed back,” “Extra copies,” and “To be graded” pile helps to keep papers organized. Use paper clips to help you keep the classes separated!
Label your PowerPoint slides with the color of the class to help you remember who is on what!
A good teacher bag always has tons of snacks, hand sanitizer, and chapstick. You can never pack too many snacks 🙂 ⇧

Stay tuned for my last post where I show you my outfits of the week‼

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