Student Teacher Boston College Accepted Students Day

TEP Blog Takeover (Week 9 Day 5)

Saturday March 26, 2019

Today was a special day because I spent the day at Boston College. I will be attending the Lynch School of Education (starting this summer!) to receive a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction. Their Catholic mission is very similar to the Holy Cross TEP. I am excited to continue my Jesuit education here. I got to stay over Saturday night with my cousin Sarah who is a current senior at BC. It was sunny and 65! Here are some pictures from the amazing day:

The day consisted of a tour, information sessions, an example class, and a lunch. Gasson is so beautiful!
These two amazing people have supported me through everything and are the reason I can continue my education at Boston College this summer.
My favorite place to get ice cream. I swear this isn’t why I chose BC for grad school. . .

Dinand will always have my heart, but I can’t wait to study in Bapst 🙂
From the Hill to the Heights– I can’t wait for my next adventure!

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