Hannah’s Friday


These signs were all over the Science Building!

Today was such an exciting day for our 30 Sullivan girls because we took a field trip to Holy Cross for “Girls Coding Day.”  It was such a fun day for everyone-from the dancing, walking around campus, pizza lunch, and exploring coding on the computer!!

We started off the day with some brainstorming about what coding is-the Holy Cross students leading this event had the girls make step-by-step lists for everyday tasks like waking up in the morning or brushing your teeth.


Learned lots of new dance moves today

Then, the girls had to come  up with step-by-step instructions for a dance to teach the room. It was so funny when the girls read the instructions aloud because they all knew how to do the dances and were making fun of the teachers…I swear I am not that old 🙂


After being made fun of for my horrible dance moves, we went to the “math lounge” in the science building to look at the Birthday Paradox. I learned today that when you are with a group of 23 or more, there is a 50% or higher chance that two people have the same birthday. It was true today!! There were two pairs with the same birthday in our group…wild!!

August 7th and December 10th!

From here, we had about 30 minutes before lunch to explore campus. We walked around campus in small groups to check out the main attractions-Lobby shop and Bookstore. We had a pizza party for lunch!! Then, went to the computer lab to explore “Scratch,” a basic introduction to coding.

Girls can code!!

We took the bus back to Sullivan for the last period of the day, then went home for the weekend. Now, I am about to go for a short run (have to run 10 miles on Sunday…wish me luck) and then out to dinner with my friends. Happy Friday!!

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