Stasia’s Blog Takeover! Tuesday Edition

Hello! My name is Anastasia (Stasia) Nedoroscik and I will be the senior TEP student taking over School Days this week!

Just some FUN information about your blogger:

Tiny and young Stasia hugging her principal (current WPS superintendent) Ms. Binienda at her South High School graduation ceremony.
  • I am from Worcester and a HUGE WPS enthusiast; it is the school system I went through. I have been so fortunate to be able to gain even more from the Worcester Public Schools as a current student training to be a future teacher.
  • I am a double major in theatre and mathematics also enrolled in the TEP (for mathematics). I usually tell people I am a triple-major in mathematics, theatre, and education because it sparks a wild conversation!
  • My other campus involvements include being a Resident Assistant! This year I am an RA in Figge; the two years prior I have been an RA in Brooks-Mulledy and then Loyola.

My Future Student Teaching

I am quite different than the other TEP students you will encounter on this blog because I am completing my student teaching after graduation! It’s called doing the “ninth semester program.” Since I have two majors outside the TEP, this program literally allows me to do everything I want to academically.

I am also special because I am working with a teacher in the WPS that I had in high school! I was allowed to request her specifically; she is the best teacher I have ever had and feel so blessed to be able to learn even more than her.

Ms. Rossi’s classroom at South High Community School!

Being able to experience Ms. Rossi’s classroom as an observer rather than a student has been more enlightening and rewarding than I can explain in words.

It is quite strange to walk the halls of my former high school with a visitor’s name tag rather than running to my own classes! The oddity that SHCS was built without walls is finally striking me as odd as it should have in the first place! (That’s a story for another blog post 😮 )

I am observing  two tenth grade algebra II classes, watching students in the same desks and class I did five years prior! It is truly an indescribable feeling.

That’s All For Tuesday’s Welcome Edition!

I am very excited to share more of my Holy Cross experience with you all 🙂

Tune in for the rest of the week to hear more about my observations and student life here on the hill and out in Worcester!


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