Stasia’s Blog Takeover! Sunday Edition

Hello! Happy Sunday:)

My Last Blog!

I have had such a fun time running the blog this week. I’ll let you in on how my week ended and then bid you all farewell!


My only class of the day is actually the teaching lecture Pre-Practicum! We had a guest come in and explain how we can write our resumes and cover letters to be more marketable when pursuing full-time teaching jobs after graduation! We learned a lot of useful information.

I was then able to go back to my apartment and finally relax and start the weekend! I’ve been on a real GLEE kick recently (you know, the 2009  FOX hit TV show that took over the world), so I was able to chill out for literal hours and watch it!


I got up bright and early for another meeting with the Silkroad artists to further develop my workshop that I’m doing at Burncoat High on Monday.

My peers presenting their workshop to the Silkroad artists.

I’m doing a workshop revolving around how stage images can create meaning for both for the observers and participants; the observers can see the whole image whereas the participants only know their own place. The location in which stage images are in relation to observers has an impact on everyone’s perceived meaning as well! I have planned activities to spark discussion and hopefully cultivate deep thinking about meaning on and off stage for the theatre students at Burncoat High!

Once again I decided to relax in my free time after this. However, I began to relax too hard and slept for four straight hours! Though thoroughly confused upon awakening, I felt pretty rested and excited to watch about half a season of GLEE (it’s really the theme of my weekend).

Despite having slept for so long, I was able to fall asleep really early due to my Sunday commitments!


I had to wake up early again in order to volunteer at the Open House for  prospective Holy Cross students! I was actually at the Teacher Education Program table!

Kathryn O’Sullivan and me running the Open House table!

We got to talk to a lot of parents and students about the program; we certainly hyped a lot of them up about the TEP and Holy Cross!

After we packed up I called my mom to see if I could visit home for the afternoon.  I got to sit and watch the game with my parents and sister; it is so good to be home and see them! It’s times like these where I feel so fortunate to be so close to home:)

That’s All Folks!

Thank you so much for taking the time for reading the blog this week! Please keep reading this semester to hear from all of my TEP peers and their experiences!

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