Victoria’s Weekend + Monday

Victoria’s Takeover!

Hello everyone! My name is Victoria and I will be taking over the TEP blog this week! I am a senior math major and will be student teaching at Sullivan Middle School this year! I am super excited to take you through my life this week.


Friday was a great start to my weekend as I found out I passed the Communication and Literacy MTEL I took in August! It was such a relief as reading and writing is not my strong suit. Also, this weekend I was not on campus as it was my sisters 23rd birthday! She graduated from Holy Cross last year with her degree in Chemistry and is now at Boston College getting her Masters in Education. We will both be student teaching in the spring (she is teaching at Dedham High School) so it has been so nice to be on the same path as her as she knows exactly what it is like! On Saturday we went into Boston to go to my other sisters apartment to hang out and celebrate her birthday.

My sister’s birthday cake (she LOVES Freddie Mercury so naturally, we had to put a picture of him on her cake)

I love going to school close to home because I get to see my sisters and mom often. Another perk of coming home this weekend was that I got to see my dogs. It is one of the hardest parts of being away from home because I love seeing my dogs everyday.

My dogs Cooper and Vinny










Today was a super busy day for me as I did little to no homework this weekend (oops). I started off my day by driving back to school this morning at 7:45. I think my mom purposely plans to have dinner late when I am home on Sunday so she can force me to stay over at home. It is an easy drive from my house to school though, so I don’t mind. Once I got back to school I had Real Analysis at 9am. This is my final math class I have to take for the major which is exciting but also sad at the same time. After that class I went to Sullivan to meet the new teacher I am placed with! He teaches all levels of 7th grade math. I got a chance to chat with him during his prep and to observe one of his classes today. After observations, I went back to campus to each a quick lunch before heading to my music class. After class I knew that I was going to be drowning in work for the rest of the night so I decided to go to Starbucks for a Monday treat while I do my homework.

Much needed ice tea after a long day









That’s all for my weekend and Monday update! Check back the rest of the week to see what else I will be up to!

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