Victoria’s Friday

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! I am so glad the week is finally over and now I have a day to catch up on sleep and hanging out! It has been great blogging this week and I sad that this will be my last post for now! This Friday has been a busy one! I started out my day by driving back to school this morning. I had Real Analysis again at 9am and we were given our review sheet for our exam next week (yikes).

After that class, I had an hour to do some homework before my next class. On Friday’s the senior TEP students meet with Meg Ober for our pre-practicum class. Today we discussed elements that we are going to be evaluated on while we are student teaching. Also as part of this class we sometimes go out to the Worcester schools to get to know the schools and communities we will be teaching in! It is a great way to get to know what to expect from our student teaching and getting to know where we will be teaching.

After that I got lunch with my friend Grace in the science cafe! We get lunch every Friday to catch up and talk about how are weeks were.

My friend Grace

Today I had to cut lunch short as I went to Burncoat Middle School to meet a teacher with Meg. It was a great meeting and I am excited to now be doing my student teaching at Burncoat Middle!

After the meeting I rushed back to school to get back for my music class at 2. Today my professor brought us all chocolate as a Friday pick-me-up AND let us out early (can you say best friday class ever?)!

Tonight I am going out to dinner with friends and planning on going to bed early to have energy to actually do things this weekend. Also tomorrow my sisters, mom, and I are going bridesmaid dress shopping for my oldest sisters wedding next year! Hopefully all goes well and we find dresses!

That’s all for this Friday post! It has been a great week of blogging and I hope you all enjoyed reading my posts!

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