Hiram’s Wednesday: Class Decorum!

Hi all! Hope your Thursday is going well! I did not get an opportunity to tell you all about my day yesterday, given I had to survive two midterms.

Though it’s Thursday I would still like to tell you about my Wednesday. It started off with my early morning classroom observation. I am lucky to say that I currently observe a class where once upon a time I was a student.

After observations, I continued my day with classes and merciless midterm exams and papers. However, it was still a great day because it began by visiting my favorite classroom.

Ever hear that expression, “first impressions count”? As a future teacher, I have learned that first impressions are critical for student success. By this I mean, the way the teacher presents themselves but also how they present their classrooms. Think about it from the perspective of a student, would you have a better time learning inside a classroom that looks like it belongs in one of the cell blocks  from the show prison break (I am guilty of binging this show on Netflix), or a vibrant and colorful room full of life and culture?

These are the decorations in the classroom I observe. Each flag represents a country that past students were from. 

They also represent countries whose native language is Spanish.

In a Spanish classroom this is a great sense of decorum as it shows how all of these countries are connected through the language and it creates a welcoming atmosphere for students of diverse cultures. So teachers, find what works for you and decorate your classrooms! 


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