Surprise! Hiram’s Thursday: Class Tech!

Well hello again! Today is double blog Thursday for me, since it was not possible for me to rant to the people yesterday.

My Thursdays are not much different from my other days. However, sense I talked about the classroom in my last post, I thought it would be a good idea to continue that conversation and share with you another thing I consider essential for the success of our students! That is, technology in the classroom.

In a world that is technologically advanced, it can be difficult to captivate the attention of your students when they are all tempted to look at the little computers they carry around in the shape of their smartphones.

Can you spot all the tech tools in this image?
– Projectors
– Do you see the DVR? Ancient but useful!


To combat this temptation, the teacher I currently observe uses technology in the classroom.  By using his technology, it enhances his lesson plans in the form of video-driven lessons, up to date videos and latest trends, and Google Classroom assignments. Essentially, using technology can improve a lesson and keep the students invested while learning.





Stay tuned for a special surprise tomorrow from me to you! 










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