Hiram’s Saturday: The Secret!

Hello everyone! Hope your Saturday is going well! For my last post I wanted to give you all, the people, my very own ultimate secret to succeed in life.

My Saturday’s are my days to relax, not touch a single homework assignment, and simply focus on self-care and organizing myself for the upcoming week.

As a teacher observer/student teacher, full-time student, work-study student, and a part-time employee, it can be difficult to balance everything. This is why I pride myself on my organizational skills and why it is critical that Saturday’s are my planning days.

My secret to manage all I do and  get good grades is planning, journaling, tracking goals, and throwing in some positive encouragement to myself. You might be asking, how do you do all that on top of what you already do? The answer is, my panda planner!

The panda planner essentially is divided into sections for planning, journaling, goals and affirmations. Every morning I open my panda planner I fill in each section and it helps me stay on task and ensure I have a successful day!

If you would be interested in checking out a panda planner, you can find them on Amazon! My gift to you is the promo code: pandafam to get 20% off your purchase if you decide to get one! They are worth it, enjoy!                                     

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