Roxana Ruiz’s Thursday: Busy Bee


                  I did not post yesterday, because of the lack of time. So, today you will hear from me twice!

                This quote has been on my mind since when my hometown friend sent me a link to a motivational video on YouTube: “Pain is temporary, regret is forever.” Even though I am not drowning in stress, a push always helps. 

               I can always count on Thursdays being crazy busy. I turned in three essays and much of my day was devoted to completing them. One welcomed surprise— I received more time tidying my essays— was that my observation at Notre Dame Academy was cancelled. Teachers had a professional development day, so classes were not held.

             Over the next few weeks at Notre Dame Academy, I will observe the classes “World Religions,” “Scripture,”and “Morality.” From these I will decide which grade level and content area I will teach in the upcoming spring as part of student-teaching. 

           The most exciting event of my day was participating, in my “Methods of Teaching” course, in a Mursion simulation in which my classmates and I taught to student avatars in a live program. In the brief teaching session— ten minutes per classmate— we practiced on handling classroom behavior and delivery of content. I always get a slight rush of adrenaline while teaching, even if just in front of a virtual classroom.

           As much as I would have liked— not really, but feel compelled to—spend every hour of the day immersed in work, I have to remind myself that self-care is necessary or my body will naturally take care of the job. I slept in until nine a.m. and in the evening I took a two hour nap after dinner. After that boost, I went back to work.

           I promise the next post will be much more exciting. Good luck to everyone!

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