Roxana Ruiz’s Friday: Unwinding

Thank God Its Friday!

Today, my one class was cancelled! This meant I took the opportunity to go to Mass. After Mass, I headed to Notre Dame Academy for my observation.

Notre Dame Academy

I finished my two hour observation on “World Religions” with having learned about Hinduism. Students connected Hindu rituals to the ones from their own religion, and compared the similarities and differences. After that, they had dismissal and headed to a pep rally on the field which included music, bonding activities, and friendly competition.

Heading back to Holy Cross at 3:00 p.m., I had a big lunch at Crossroads. I ate grilled veggies with quinoa and sauce accompanied with a grilled cheese sandwich and an apple as dessert. I plan to enjoy myself tomorrow with all the food they will have for family weekend.

I also did  small “grocery shopping” in the lobby shop upstairs since my brother is coming by tomorrow for family weekend and my birthday celebration. (This week I am turning twenty-two!

The Holy Cross College Choir performs in St. Joseph’s Chapel

I ended my evening with going to the Holy Cross choir concert held in St. Joseph’s Chapel. The theme was “Voices of Black Women.” They sang beautifully and one female particularly performed with soul.

Tomorrow I look forward to the festivities, but also, of course, hope to do much homework. We will see how that goes.





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