Victoria’s Wednesday + Thursday


Happy Thursday everyone! This blog post is going to be a combination of my Wednesday and Thursday as I forgot to blog yesterday (oops). However, yesterday was not a super fun day. I spent most of my day in meetings and doing homework. Next week I have a Real Analysis exam so I am trying to get ahead of all the work I can in preparation for that!

Wednesday night I had work again at the STEM+E Tutoring Workshop! Again, I tutored students in preparation for their exams this week in their math classes. After two hours of tutoring, I went back to my room to do more homework and make myself dinner!


Today started off early! I met my friend Julianna for breakfast in Kimball. She is a junior in TEP and a history major. We met during our Ed Psych class my sophomore year and have been friends ever since!

Kimball breakfast = the best meal at kimball










After breakfast I had my Schools: Surviving and Achieving class. Today we took career assessments in preparation for our school visit next week where we will be doing the same assessments with our students. Thankfully, my career assessment told me I should be a teacher so I adverted an identity crisis today (small victories for this Thursday). After that I headed to Campion to have a meeting with Meg Fox-Kelley. She is one of the Chaplins on campus and I also went on an immersion trip to Haiti with her this past January. It’s great to check in with her every couple weeks to catch up and talk about life on campus.

Campion House

After that I meeting I had a little bit of time to kill before having to go back to Campion for another meeting. This semester I am the Student Coordinator for the Manresa Retreat taking place in November. The chaplin incharge of the retreat and I meet once a week to go over details for the retreat and to get everything organized.




Finally, after that meeting I headed home because I had a doctors appointment. On the brightside, I got to pick my dogs up from daycare (yes, my dogs go to daycare during the day) and go to one of my favorite spin classes near my house!

I took this after my class as I forgot to take a picture inside
Vinny relaxing after a long day at daycare
Cooper also relaxing

Finally, my day ended by catching up with my sister Caroline! She taught her first lesson today for her Pre Practicum and she said it went well! We decided to watch the new episode of Grey’s Anatomy tonight, something we always used to do at school together.

Student teacher Carol

That’s all for my Wednesday and Thursday updates! Check back tomorrow to see how my week ends!

Victoria’s Tuesday

Busy Tuesday

Hello everyone welcome my second day of the blog takeover! Today was super busy for me as well. I started off my day by having class at 9:30am. I am taking Schools: Surviving and Achieving with Professor Fisher. The class is all about school counseling with adolescents. I think this class is so beneficial for me in preparation for my student teaching as I am learning skills that I will be able to use to help my students if they have problems going on. I am so happy I have the opportunity to take an education class outside of the TEP requirements as it can only help me on my student teaching experience.

After class I went to go talk to Meg, the TEP placement coordinator, about my placement. She is so helpful and is always available whenever I have questions.

Next in my day I went to Sullivan to observe my teachers fourth and fifth period classes. It was very interesting seeing the difference between these two classes and how my teacher approaches them.

Finally after being a Sullivan for almost two hours I headed back to campus. I met up with Ty (another TEP math major) to work on some math homework before our Methods class.

Ty loves math homework!

After doing homework for a little bit, Ty and I headed to our Methods seminar. This class real focuses on teaching us tools we will use in our classroom next semester.

Finally, after being in class from 3:30-6 I headed straight to work! I am a tutor in the STEM+E workshop. I tutor students in a range of different math classes. I love being able to tutor students and help them realize that math isn’t always terrible.

My station for tutoring

I tutored two students tonight. Both have exams this week. I cleared up some confusions with them and worked on practice problems. They both left feeling more confident for their tests this week!

After my long day I am going to go back to my room, make dinner, and get in bed early (gotta treat yourself some days).

Tune in tomorrow to see if my Wednesday is any less hectic than the beginning of my week! (Also sorry for the lack of pictures in my blogs, I will try to be better about remembering to take them!)