Annnnnnd we’re back!

Sorry for the delay everyone…like I said, I have been busy. This week has been crazy – daylight savings time, the decline in temperature, and, oh yeah, the school work. Fortunately, I have some great friends, and fellow TEP members to help guide me. Carley, Victoria and I, alongside other other friends, Tmac and Sumner, frequently collaborate on some of our math homework. Currently, we are all enrolled in Real Analysis, which is known to be the “hardest math class at the College.” We have found this to be true, while also somewhat of a myth, because, well…all classes here are pretty rigorous.

Tmac (left) and Victoria (smiling) starting our Real homework

Later, Victoria’s attitude would come to change (as would mine), because the homework got a little harder. Carley, however, had not started it yet – so she was still having fun.

Carley (smiling) and Victoria (not smiling)

Thankfully, I was able to balance out some of this hard work with some hard playing. I have been lucky enough to be part of three intramural teams – dodgeball, wiffleball and basketball. We have already played a game for dodgeball and wiffleball (both of which we won, of course). And we have our first basketball game tonight! Tomorrow I will let you guys know how it went, will introduce you to my roommate Hiram (who is also in the Teacher Education Program), and get you geared up for some weekend action.

Catch ya later!

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