Soooooo, we lost the intramural basketball game. Sad! This weekend, I have been working as an Athletics Statistician Assistant for the College’s Department of Athletics. It was an exciting weekend to be apart of the team, as we featured two teams in the Patriot League playoffs – field hockey and women’s soccer. As for myself, I was working on the men’s and women’s ice hockey game and the football game. Personally, I think this is the best job on campus because I get to enjoy two of my favorite things – sports and math!


Now that it is Saturday night, it is time to unwind. So, my roommates and I do what we do best – play video games. It is a cool 29 degrees out tonight, and although we would normally make the trek up to the basketball gym or indoor turf, we decided to stay in tonight.
Yes – we play in the dark mom!

And sadly, that ends my week of posts. Lucky for you guys, I get to pass it off to Elena who is a blast!

Catch ya later everyone!

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