Here Goes Nothing…

Helloooo everyone!! My name is Elena Arciprete and I am a Senior in the TEP program, and I am the lone English major in the group. All that really means is get ready for some serious talk about the 4 Рyes you read that right four Рpapers I have to write over the course of this week! It will be a fun journey to take you guys on!

So I thought I would kick my blog week off on this lovely freezing Sunday night, because with my often hectic schedule, that is when the  school week really starts. Currently, I am in the library, preparing to hunker down for the rest of the night in hopes of knocking out some pieces of my numerous papers.

It isn’t completely nonstop, though. I do have a cabinet meeting for the Student Government Association, in which I am Co – Director of Residence Life and Housing, in a little bit that will serve as a nice study break for me. But then it is right back to the grind!

I am so looking forward to bringing you along for the ride this week! You will get lots of fun updates on my papers, my two different site observations at Burncoat High, and most importantly, you will get a sneak peak into my prep for Friday, as the countdown to Senior Ball begins today! It is gonna be a fun week guys!! Check back in later for more updates!


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