Happy Happy Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday, y’all ! I am both relieved and distressed that it is Tuesday. I am happy because I am making excellent process on the aforementioned four papers, but sad because I still have so many papers to write, and Friday feels so far away…

Just a taste of what the break down of my week looks like…

Today was a good day, though! I have been making excellent progress on my four papers (yes I will continue to italicize the number because I cannot stress enough how absurd it is), and I had a wonderful time observing with Mr. Moore at Burncoat High today! I observed his last two classes of the day in which we discussed “The Masque of the Red Death,” a short story by Edgar Allan Poe. It was fun one because I love Poe, and two because the students seem to be taking a liking to me! One group of boys even asked me for help unprovoked! I mean sure, they yelled “hey” and snapped to get my attention because they couldn’t remember my name, but I will still consider this progress!

I was supposed to have a field hockey game but it was cancelled because of this horrendous weather, so with my extra bit of time, I treated myself and went to get a pedicure in preparation for Senior Ball, but also because this week has been stressful and I deserved it.

Well, it’s back to my whole in the library ! Check back for more updates soon, and wish me luck as I tackle more of my four papers! Have a wonderful rest of your Tuesdays 🙂

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