Almost End of the Week!

Hello all! I’m back.  This week has been a crazy one.  Thanksgiving is approaching, and professors are trying to cram in as much as they can before break begins.

Tuesday, I started my day with observations at Burncoat, then ended with my Methods in Teaching class with Ty and Victoria.  Wednesday, I had three classes, and then took the time to catch up on schoolwork and sleep.

Today, I was able to go to Burncoat once again.  It was my first time observing Mrs. Farrington’s period 6 Honors Algebra 2 class.  I was able to help her with some grading, and meet some new students.  After that, I observed another teacher’s College Algebra 2 class, and then stayed after school to help with a math tutoring session, open to all students at Burncoat.  It was a great way to meet more of the students and teachers at the school.

Mrs. Farrington’s classroom!

Now, I am at rehearsal for Fools on the Hill as we are performing at Cool Beans at 10pm!  So close to the end of the week!  I’ll be sure to update you all this weekend.

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