February Break!


It’s the weekend! And February break!! As excited as I am to have a week to sleep in past 5:30 a.m. I already miss Burncoat.

This week was a fun one though.  Thursday, we started the day with a 2 hour delay.  I never thought that waking up at 7:30 a.m. would feel so good.  My work day was filled with review sessions, and planning for after break.

After school, we had our Practicum Seminar.  This week it started with a TEP info session.  It was great to be able to share our love for TEP with some fellow HC students.  We then had a former TEP student come and talk to us about our futures as teachers, which was extremely insightful and helpful.  I ended my night with a Thursday night Fools on the Hill rehearsal, and then was immediately off to bed.

Friday was very exciting.  This week has been Spirit Week at Burncoat.  Friday was color wars, so each grade had a color: Freshman = White, Sophomores = Pink, Juniors = Blue, Seniors = Red, and Staff = Green.  The halls were decorated and the outfits were amazing.  The day ended with a Pep Rally in the gym.

Burncoat Pep Rally!

I then ended my day going to BHS’ Drama Club rehearsal.  I went as a guest and watched a run through of their play, and helped by providing some notes.  It was awesome seeing some of my students outside of class and in their element.

This weekend I am staying in Worcester, but then heading home for the week off.

Thanks for listening to my week!  I hope everyone who has February Break, has a great week off.  I’m excited to see the other TEP blog posts that are to come.

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