I hope everyone had a great Tuesday, it is almost Friday! Today was quite the hectic day given that quarter three grades are due soon. Therefore, after a day full of lessons on comparative adjectives in Spanish, I stayed behind in my classroom to complete grading assignments as we geared towards quarter three finals.

Along with my grading, I like to give students personal growth reports. Here I write them small letters or have one on one conversations with them, where I address how much they have grown in the subject matter and as students, while giving them insight on how they can improve. My goal is that they take my comments and not only implement them in my class, but also in their other classes. One thing I have learned is that every student has a diverse need, and I try to strive to meet those needs to the best of my ability. Teaching this semester has been very rewarding, and everyday I get to experience the diversity in my classroom, and while it may sound like a cliche, I do learn from my students as well.

In addition, working in this classroom surrounded by many flags representing different Spanish speaking countries, serves as a reminder that diverse student needs require attention and by meeting them as teachers we help our students grow. 

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