Preparation and learning!

Hope everyone had a great Wednesday! Wednesdays are probably my most busy day of the week, given that I have a 2.5 hour seminar! So after a day of classes I quickly rush to beat traffic and make it to one of my favorite classes I have taken at Holy Cross, English Language Learners.

Not only do I get to hangout with these amazing people, but in this seminar I get to learn strategies that I can use in my lessons to address the needs of students who are in the process of learning English as their second language. Taking this course always serves as a reminder that I am still a student, which as a senior it is scary to think that my journey as a student will culminate very soon.  Regardless, I am happy that while this semester I have been doing the teaching, I also have been learning.

I have even learned  learned the importance of meal prepping (not in my ELL seminar), so I should say goodnight before I burn my omelet!

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