The box.

Happy Thursday! Friday is less than 24hrs away! Heading towards the weekend, I had the opportunity to reflect a little on my hobbies and what I do for self-care. I have realized that if I am not well rested or engage in some fun activities, it is difficult to be a good teacher. While having conversations with other teachers, I learned that many of them like to engage in diverse activities and one of the most popular ones was meditating. I can guarantee you that I am not one to meditate. Instead I have found that the best thing I can do for my self-care is to visit my box. No I am not talking about the type of box you put stuff inside when you need to move or give a gift. The box is a term that is used to describe a CrossFit gym! Yes, to a certain degree I consider myself a CrossFit athlete!

This sport has become my meditation, and when everything gets crazy, I can count on an awesome community and team of coaches to make my day better! So when do I have time to do this? Given my latest schedule changes, I now wake up at around 4am and go to the the 5am class to get a WOD (workout of the day) in before my first period at 7:15am!

Here is me bothering my coach as she is trying to wake up. By the way she is not only a coach but the gym owner and the greatest person ever! If you are in town you should drop in to CrossFit CenterMass for a first free class!

Hope you all have a good Thursday! 

This is my Coach!
The Box! CrossFit CenterMass Worcester, MA












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